Mark the Malleoli for Richie Braces

Both you and your patient want a great fit for her brace.  In our previous post, Dr. Doug Richie shared his number one tip for a great fit–proper positioning.  At SOLO, we strongly suggest one other important tip:  Mark the apex of the medial and lateral malleoli.

On traditional casting it’s easy to mark using a Sharpie marker or dark pen.  This eliminates the guess work for the lab.  If you scan for Richie Braces using the  SOLO viSo app, you can easily mark the medial and lateral malleoli to get the best fit possible for your patient.

Prone or Supine?

With the SOLO viSo scanner, it really doesn’t matter. In this video, Dr. Richie shares his techniques and tips to creating a great scan and a well-fitting brace for a good patient outcome. Just be sure to mark the malleoli.

Whether you and your team need help with casting or scanning for Richie Braces or you want or more information on Richie Braces, we’re here to help you. SOLO is your one-stop-shop for Richie Braces. Get the latest Richie Brace catalog and order form today.


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