Richie Brace Basic Repairs

Understanding Richie Brace Basic Repairs

Medicare assumes that a brace has a reasonable useful lifetime of five years. There are exceptions to the rule in cases where there is a substantial change in the patient’s condition or irreparable damage or loss. In most cases, the brace can be repaired to add new life to an existing brace.

Billing For Basic Repairs to the Richie Brace

The practitioner can bill for replacement components, even though it is considered a repair. The patient’s medical record must document the need to replace the components. It’s important to include a note that the AFO is still medically necessary.

When your patient wears the Richie Brace daily, it’s common for the straps or limb support pads (soft interface pads) to have substantial wear and need replacement after one year. 

You can easily replace the straps and pads in an office setting using the repair kit available through SOLO Labs. The kit contains two narrow front Velcro straps, one wider black Velcro strap, and two lib support pads. You do not need rivets or glue to replace the parts, and the process is easy.

For billing, use the RB modifier for replacement parts and use only one code per part even though the kit contains three straps and two pads. Additional detailed information on coding and billing is available here on the Richie Brace website.   

At SOLO Labs, we’re here to answer all of your questions about Richie Braces. SOLO is your one-stop-shop for Richie Braces. Get the latest Richie Brace catalog and order form today.

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