Extensive Repairs to Richie Brace

Extensive repairs to Richie Brace or Replace It? Here’s what Medicare Says.

Medicare has established guidelines for extensive repairs to a Richie Brace.  First, Medicare assumes that a brace has a reasonable useful lifetime of five years. There are exceptions to the rule in cases where there is a substantial change in the patient’s condition or irreparable damage or loss. In most cases, the brace can be repaired to add new life to an existing brace. 

Basic versus Extensive Repairs to Richie Brace

Medicare considers it a basic repair when you are replacing components.  Extensive repairs to a Richie Brace involve replacing the top cover, rivets, ankle joints and posting. 

For more extensive repairs like replacing the top cover, rivets, ankle joints, and posting return the brace to SOLO. When the repair is completed, we’ll provide our quality assurance review and ship it to you. Use the SOLO portal to see when your Richie Brace repairs are on their way to your office.  

The cost of the repairs can be billed to Medicare for the repair of the device and for your time to ship and receive the brace. Be sure to include a copy of the patient’s medical record and justification for making the repair, including time spent on shipping, receiving, and dispensing the repaired brace. You’ll find suggested guidelines for billing on the SOLO website under forms. We recommend you check with Medicare to be sure you comply with all current and applicable regulations.

At SOLO Labs, we’re here to answer all of your questions about Richie Braces. SOLO is your one-stop-shop for Richie Braces. Get the latest Richie Brace catalog and order form today.


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