• O is for Orthotics

    O is for Orthotics

    Whether you’re taking a jaunt or a journey, both the Fiat® and the Ferrari® are reliable and dependable to get you there. So what’s the difference? As a manufacturer of custom orthotics, we’re often asked to compare our orthotics to off-the-shelf and…

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  • N is for Neuroma Plug

    N is for Neuroma Plug

    Those cute high heels with the narrow toe really are a fashion statement.  But ouch, they hurt. It’s not just women in high heels who suffer from the pain of a Morton’s neuroma.  It’s frequently found in people whose job requires them to stoop or crouch…

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  • M is for Morton’s Extension

    M is for Morton’s Extension

    Morton’s extension is soft or firm padding that extends from the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) to just beyond the interphalangeal joint. On your custom orthotic, it limits the range of motion for the first MPJ. Alternatively, a Morton’s extension…

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  • L is for Lifts

    L is for Lifts

    Give your patient a lift. A heel lift is attached to the bottom of the extrinsic rearfoot post. There may be times when it’s beneficial to bevel the lift to the end of the shells to create a smoother transition to the forefoot. When it comes to heel lifts…

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