• T is for Toe Crest

    T is for Toe Crest

    A toe crest is a crescent-shaped piece of padding that sits at the sulcus region to lift and separate the toes.  It provides support for curled toes and relieves pressure and friction to help prevent or relieve corns and calluses. A toe crest pad can help prevent…

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  • S is for SOLO

    S is for SOLO

    S is for the SOLO Portal A convenient way to manage your payments and check the status of your orders. View, Print, and Pay Invoices through the SOLO Portal. The SOLO portal shows all of your open, overdue, and paid invoices. Simply, click on the invoice button…

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  • R is for Relief

    R is for Relief

    Most of us take healthy feet for granted. For diabetics and those with peripheral neuropathy or vascular issues, keeping feet healthy is challenging. However, that challenge is made easier with SOLO‘s Diabetic Relief or Relief+ orthotics. How is a Relief…

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  • P is for Pads

    P is for Pads

    Pads can offload pressure to a specific area on your custom orthotic and  provide additional comfort for bony prominences or control excessive pronation. Here are common options that are available: A Balance Pad increases offload in that area. The balance pad…

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