• F is for Flange

    F is for Flange

    Flanges are located on the outside of the shell on the custom orthotic on the medial and/or lateral side of the device at the arch region. Clips are located on the outside of the shell in the heel area. A Lateral Flange is a vertical extension of the lateral…

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  • E is for Extensions

    E is for Extensions

    Extensions indicate the length of the custom orthotic and the amount of support you want to provide for the entire foot. There are two different options for extension length. Do you want it to start at the heel? Or, do you want it to start at the distal end…

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  • D is for Dell

    D is for Dell

    A dell is a depression made directly into the shell of the custom orthotic to offload or accommodate an area of interest. Dells are typically prescribed to pad bony protuberances. Have questions about dells?  We’re here to answer them. © SOLO Labs 2017

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  • Spurs are for Cowboys

    Spurs are for Cowboys

    Did you know that only 1 out of 20 people with heel spurs have pain? Many patients find non-surgical relief for heel spurs using custom orthotics and can avoid surgery. Here’s how orthotic accommodations can help with heel spurs or fat pad atrophy. 1. Pad…

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