Limited-Option with Unlimited Quality

After manufacturing over 1 million pairs of orthotics, it’s easy to spot trends. Understanding the current reimbursement environment and listening to feedback from our customers, we knew it was the right time to introduce SOLO Limited.

SOLO Limited was introduced in February 2018 and has been growing in popularity with practitioners around the country. In many ways it’s just like the Premier line, using high-quality materials and the skilled craftsmanship you expect from SOLO and offering the same guarantee of Premier line.

Quality and Affordability

But what makes the Limited so appealing is the affordability without compromising quality. We took the most frequently used options and accommodations, incorporated additional customer feedback and the ability to use a private-label top cover and the Limited came to life. With 42 options to customize the device to your patient’s needs, including shell rigidity, posting, heel lifts, heel pads, horseshoe pads, met pads, scaphoid pads, 1st met cut outs and top cover options.

A Great Option

We asked Dr. Alan Weisman, DPM how he uses the Limited in his practice. “I use the Limited for about 20% to 30% of my patients who need custom orthotics,” noted Dr. Weisman. Using the Limited helps him offer a high-quality orthotic at a cost-effective price point. “The Limited is an excellent way to control costs on devices without sacrificing the quality of the orthotic,” he added. Dr. Weisman appreciates having the option to use a private-label top cover if he chooses.

Uncompromising Service

One of the biggest factors in considering the Limited was Dr. Weisman’s confidence in SOLO’s quality and service. As a podiatrist for 17 years, Dr. Weisman knows that it’s more than the price that delivers value to his patients. “Besides the high quality of the devices, all the staff, including the customer service reps and the orthotists are knowledgeable, courteous, and extremely easy to work with. The SOLO team returns phone calls and emails quickly,” he noted. Having short hold times when he calls in and the ability to speak with a knowledgeable team member makes his job easier. “It is always a pleasure to speak with your staff.”

Did you know you can scan for the Limited? The viSo app has the Limited order form built into the app to make ordering easier than ever. If you’re using casts or foam boxes, simply use the Limited order form, that’s always accessible on the SOLO website.

If you want an affordable custom orthotic, the Limited may fit the bill. The team at SOLO will work with you to review your ordering practices and see how the Limited may help you save money. Contact us at to get your account review to see if the Limited saves dollars and makes sense for your practice.


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